The Club

a Life of Fun

Imagine a sanctuary that rejuvenates and reconnects you with your best self.

A daily escape which helps you recharge, refuel and renew the zest for life. A personal rendezvous where you could develop a hobby, work out, meditate, stretch out in the yoga greens or relax by the deck and enjoy a plunge in the rooftop pool.

Welcome to Club Tierra at Maceo - an experiential zone with cool comforts, curated to meet one’s aspirations and celebrations. The design sensibilities, culture and surroundings inspire you to lounge on the patio, spend time in the garden, catch up with your neighbours over coffee and bond with your loved ones over a gourmet meal, all while being an active part of a vibrant community.

Imagine your home as a part of a complete zone, helping you to relax, unwind and refresh. Hangout zones created for each member of the family where kids can wallow in the play zone. Club Tierra includes a specially crafted and designed space for kids which offers a complete experience, allowing them to immerse themselves in their activities like a game of pool, ice hockey, foosball and even a healthy snack bar.

Club Tierra is a blend of recreation and an active life, a confluence of immersive experiences curated for an elevated lifestyle.